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1992: Pere Marquette, Illinois

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The last time we went to Pere Marquette was the year before Eddie died so we used it as an excuse to do whatever we wanted. After downing a bottle of tequila we went to break into the lodge. We climbed up and down the whole building looking for an open window then we discovered that the main door was unlocked. I guess thats why Eddie did not drink.

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Participants (34):

Bloch Bill
Chapman Erica, Chapman Kevin, Chapman Meredith, Chapman Sue
Cooley Dagmar, Cooley Jacob, Cooley Phil
Curlee Amos, Curlee Durb, Curlee Ellen, Curlee Lil
Francis Mary Lou
Hellan Adam, Hellan Brandon, Hellan Gail
Henderson Paul, Date ??
Katz Hugh
Mitchell Luke, Mitchell Mimi, Mitchell Sam
Newburger David, Newburger Miriam, Newburger Toby
Schwabe Andy, Schwabe Danny, Schwabe Mary, Schwabe Rob
Von Kaenek Franz, Von Kaenel Leah, Von Kaenel Nicole, Friend
Evans Kent (Miriam's Friend)

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