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1993: Steelman Lodge Fish Hatchery, Missouri

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A first time appearance for the Hanner boys. The scene definitely needed white lightning added to its list of substances. (Phil Cooley)

Jennifer, then working as an exotic dancer, came in Birkenstocks and had to borrow Gail's spare boots to hike. (Gail Cooley)

I wish she would have come in 4 inch heels and hiked in them too. (Amos Curlee)

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Participants (32):

Chapman Erica, Chapman Kevin, Chapman Meredith, Chapman Sue
Cooley Dagmar, Cooley Jacob, Cooley Phil
Curlee Amos, Curlee Durb, Curlee Ellen, Curlee Lil
Dubke Mike, Dubke Shannon (Mullins)
Hanner Bill, Hanner Kim, Hanner Zach
Hellan Adam, Hellan Brandon, Hellan Gail
Kaufman Jeniffer (Brandon's friend)
Katz Hugh
Mckinley Meredith
Mitchell Luke, Mitchell Mimi, Mitchell Sam
Mullins Janet
Schwabe Andy, Schwabe Danny, Schwabe Mary, Schwabe Rob
Von Kaenel Leah
Woods Bob

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